Thursday, 20 October 2016

Why Create This Blog?

The Imperial War Museum's Lives of the First World War website (Lives) is free to use (you do need to register) and anyone can upload family stories and photographs. It provides a database structure encompassing millions of men and women whose lives were affected by the First World War. Lives potentially includes everyone whether they survived the war or were killed. Lives can be searched by name, regiment, service number and by Community.  Communities are created by subscribers for many purposes, communities for towns, for churches, for ships, for schools, absolutely anything.  However, at the time of writing a Lives Community does not sort alphabetically and you cannot search within one.

Each man or woman on Lives has a Life Story page.  On that page are links to a Timeline view, Facts, Evidence, Stories, Images and Communities (see snip above of Edwin Betony's Life Story header).  Many other sources, websites, blog pages and other links can be found under the Evidence tab.  Lives provides a handy ready made database for Remembering our First World War ancestors and relatives, and in this case for anyone connected to Barnsley.

These pages have been created to provide an index to the Barnsley connected men and women remembered on Lives.  

The data on this site came initially from the Barnsley War Memorials Project's master spreadsheet of WW1 Fallen which has been shared with other researchers. However this site has been created by BarnsleyHistorian and is not connected to any other Barnsley WW1 Project. As Lives includes men and women who survived the war as well as those who fell many other names have been added and will continue to be added in the next few years. Links to other projects and sites will probably be found under Evidence on the Lives of the First World War site.